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May 2015

Reclaiming Identity

Today's podcast is probably one of my most passionate topics to talk about.  It saved my life, and my marriage.


Why?  Because there are a lot of us out there wondering around living out of false ones.  False identities are stressful, because they are things we were never intended to be we have to work VERY HARD in order to maintain them.  Our time, our energy, our finances, our health.  False identities cost us the full potential of our relationships.  It changes how we view ourselves, constantly struggling to just be at peace with who we are and where were at WITHOUT having to wrap our minds up in future plans and how to maneuver our everyday just to make sure the identity we live out of can remain above water.

Make some time for today's podcast.  Get to a place you can be alone with the Lord.  Grab a pen and some paper, this is a interactive podcast that will get your feet headed in the way of God given identity and freedom.

>>Watch this before you listen to the podcast, you will understand why during the podcast


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May 2015

Little helps for Women, Moms and Daughters - Body Image

Women who are tired of being consumed by the thoughts of their body. 

Moms who are concerned about their daughters possibly developing or having body image issues.  This podcast is for you. 

This was a quick podcast on a few helps to getting free from body image issues.  99% of females seem to have some form of this, so take a listen and see if you don't gleen some sort of goodness from it. 

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May 2015

Obedience is a gift.

Something wasn't right.  I kept asking God, 'what should I do?' and He kept answering.
I kept picking and choosing which answers I would follow through on.  I knew in my heart this problem which appeared to be rebellion had a root there was no way I would be able to identify and pull up on my own.  See, I could easily just conclude I was being rebellious, but the question for me was why was I being so rebellious?  After all, I love God.  I really really do.  Something in my heart needed tending.
Today's podcast is the beginning reflections of a 33 day fast, and how obedience truly is a gift to each and every one of us.  Take a deep breath, this is something we all need reminded of.

Be Brave. (for questions, or accountability) 
May 2015

Don’t hang up your nets yet!

They were tired.  They had been out fishing all night, and caught nothing. 

Maybe your tired.  Maybe your tired of dead end roads, disappointment, and dreams that never seem to come true.  Maybe your tired of forgiving, and being hurt.  Maybe your tired of working endless hours with what seems like absolutely no reward.  Maybe your exhausted from your marriage?

Take a few minutes with me today while I dive into Luke 4, in order to let the Lord breath new life on old circumstances.

Be Brave.  We're getting back in the boat!

May 2015

Her Side

I've retyped this summery about 50 times now. Why? Because the content is so pure, so authentic, so Holy, such a reflection of the Fathers active love towards us, it feels impossible to put into words.

Today's podcast I interview Tara, one of the women I had the honor of praying over at the gas station you heard about on April 21st Podcast "Miss Flight Turned Revival". Hear her story of that day, and how she now KNOWS without a doubt that God IS listening.
your loved.
Apr 2015

Pornography - A wifes compassion.

I was angry.  I was hurt.  I felt betrayed and refused to trust that this wouldn't happen again.  My tears were matched with a seeping verbal wound of destructive and sinister remarks directed at my husband.  I fought hard to remember every scripture I possibly knew in hopes that I wouldn't have to feel my hurt, and yet the emotional typhoon seemed to do nothing but gain strength with each passing minute.

Todays podcast is for those who feel as though they are continually revisiting the same offenses with those they love the most.  There is always hope.

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*I am not a councilor and any advice found in this podcast is gained from my own personal experiences with God and seeing the fruit of allowing HIM to be MY councilor. 

Apr 2015

Missed flight turned revival

I had been on the road for nearly 3 weeks.  I was approximately 30 minutes from loading a airplane that would take me home to my family when I received a call that said I had left my wallet with my identification in it 3 hours back where we had traveled from.  There was no way I was going to make this flight.  

Find out what happens when I lay down my frustration and disappointment in order to see someone else's need.
Be Brave. 
Mar 2015


Have you ever asked God what He thinks about you?

For some of us, even the idea of hearing what God might say causes us to look for a hole to stick our heads in.

For others, we laugh at the idea of asking God such a question as we’re certain there are MUCH more important questions to ask.  Treating God as if He were a genie which issues only a limited amount of questions.   Better use them “wisely”!

But to those who are brave enough to ask, identity is restored to them.

Listen to today's podcast where I share just what God had to say about me, and how knowing this as allowed me to live unoffended.

Be Brave.


Feb 2015

Revelation Exploration

I use to be a good Christian, I suppose.

Now I'm a passionate pursuer of Christ.  It's really not about labels, it's about what changed my heart from being a rule follower to becoming LOVE just as Christ asked us to do.

Its what changes my life game plan, my day in and day out.  It's what interrupts my preconceived notions and deepens my understanding of the true love of God and others. 

Its what allows me to be me.

Come explore with me.

Feb 2015

Tea Time - Ruined

I just want to share my heart, with a cup of tea simmering to the side of my mic. 

I don't want to talk about fitness and nutrition.  I just want to talk about the love of my life.   It's a love that has joyously wrecked my life in ways it makes it impossible to going back to doing life the way I use to do it.

John 5:15 The man departed, and told the Jews that it was Jesus, which had made him whole.