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Dec 2015

Teaching your kids to hear God voice

December 14, 2015

I was overwhelmed.  Being a stay at home mom of children nudging very seriously up on school age I was at a loss.  There seemed like so much to teach and so little time in a day to learn it.  It was then that I laid down all the things I knew I was "responsible" for teaching my children from the worlds stand point and sought God on what was the most important thing for me to invest my energy into with my kids.  Today my very special guest and 6 year old son Gabriel joins me on the podcast to help me share his perspective of hearing Gods voice.  

Teaching your kids Gods voice, gives them a choice.  They no longer have to believe what other kids think about them, or their own negative thoughts.  Empower your children to hear from their Father God, a voice much more powerful than our own.