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Jun 2015

Clueless - Soul ties

June 9, 2015

A soul tie is tie that is created when we go to anyone or thing for something we should be getting from God.

Things that keep us bound to memories, people and places aren't always as obvious as we believe.
 For years now I have nearly almost every night had a dream from some male from my past.  It never seemed to matter if they were someone I had a relationship with or just a casual friend from elementary school, at some point they surfaced in my dream.  This left me constantly perplexed and frustrated.  Just to be honest...the only man I want to be dreaming about is my husband, but no matter how much I hoped and prayed my dreams remained constant with Ryan being nearly void from every one of them.
A friend started talking to me about soul ties.  I THOUGHT I understood what soul ties were.  I thought I understood how to break them off.  It wasn't until I had severed every tie, that my dreams shifted completely and I moved from a position of constant frustration to a place of power.  
So if your having a hard time with past memories, relationships, dreams, even someone bringing up someones name.  If you struggle with a role model that hurt you or even a friend you were close with at one time, I hope you will take the time to listen to today's podcast and find additional resolve to your already gifted freedom.
Be brave.