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Reclaiming Identity

May 29, 2015

Today's podcast is probably one of my most passionate topics to talk about.  It saved my life, and my marriage.


Why?  Because there are a lot of us out there wondering around living out of false ones.  False identities are stressful, because they are things we were never intended to be we have to work VERY HARD in order to maintain them.  Our time, our energy, our finances, our health.  False identities cost us the full potential of our relationships.  It changes how we view ourselves, constantly struggling to just be at peace with who we are and where were at WITHOUT having to wrap our minds up in future plans and how to maneuver our everyday just to make sure the identity we live out of can remain above water.

Make some time for today's podcast.  Get to a place you can be alone with the Lord.  Grab a pen and some paper, this is a interactive podcast that will get your feet headed in the way of God given identity and freedom.

>>Watch this before you listen to the podcast, you will understand why during the podcast


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