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Jun 2016

Invitation to Live

Humidity was HIGH, sweat was flinging all over the place and still, God spoke, because that's what God does.  He speaks.  Today's podcast is the fruit of this mornings workout and an invitation for us to stop being distracted with looking for spiritual loop holes or excuses and refocus in order to truly start LIVING.  Take a listen and be blessed!

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P.S.  Beware.  There is a volume issue a few minutes in but then gets resolved.  :)
Mar 2016

Where are you going?

There's no point in driving if you don't know where your going.  It's hard to know where your going if you don't know what you want out of where your going.  If you know you need gas, it makes it easy to figure out how to get to a gas station.  Trying to navigate life without defining (or refreshing yourself) what it is you really want out of life makes it hard to envision your final destination.  Listen to today's podcast to hear more about my personal experience with God in answering these questions out and the way He has lovingly began to lay out my road map.  

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Feb 2016

Broken Seeker

Have you ever lost your enthusiasm for life?  Maybe things you use to find great joy in all of a sudden seem to not hold the same value?  This is where I found myself.  It wasn't like me to not feel motivated and hopefully in my everyday, and yet I wasn't sure exactly what was the cause?  Take some time to refocus as you listen to how the Lord shifted my seeker.  

Matthew 6:33
Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.
Jan 2016

The truth

Ever feel like your getting bullied mentally?  This week, I felt like I was getting shoved left and right as I teetered back and forth within my mind between following through on a fast I had felt called to and not.  When you feel like your grasping to follow the Lord, or maybe like your too far outside and past something He's asked you to do, take a listen to today's podcast to be reminded of truth regarding the Fathers heart toward you.  

Dec 2015

Teaching your kids to hear God voice

I was overwhelmed.  Being a stay at home mom of children nudging very seriously up on school age I was at a loss.  There seemed like so much to teach and so little time in a day to learn it.  It was then that I laid down all the things I knew I was "responsible" for teaching my children from the worlds stand point and sought God on what was the most important thing for me to invest my energy into with my kids.  Today my very special guest and 6 year old son Gabriel joins me on the podcast to help me share his perspective of hearing Gods voice.  

Teaching your kids Gods voice, gives them a choice.  They no longer have to believe what other kids think about them, or their own negative thoughts.  Empower your children to hear from their Father God, a voice much more powerful than our own.  
Dec 2015

Fresh Eyes

Sometimes we've read the word so many times we no longer read it with fresh eyes.  When we do this, we often miss very special messages that the Holy Spirit has for us regarding our current situations.  Today we look at John chapter 14, asking the Lord to show us the passage with fresh eyes.  I pray this ministers to the deepest part of your heart and you are able to see Him for who He is.

Oct 2015

Healing Hang out

This is technically, not a podcast but rather a recorded cyber hangout that I hosted on healing. Hangout stake place on Friday nights at 9pm cst. Women from all over the United States gather to be encouraged and built up where ever they are. Participants are able to see one another in order to develop connected relationships with other women who desire to be bold in The Lord. Come as you are, where you are. In order to join the next call, you can email me at for joining information. Be blessed.

Jun 2015

Why I don’t share more nutrition

I am technically a certified raw nutritionist, and a certified personal trainer.  I have researched healing and health for over 10 years and yet, it's the last thing that I want to share with my audience.  You would think with today's health epidemics it would be one of the first...take a listen to todays podcast about why I haven't taken more time to share more of what I've learned when it comes to natural means of health and healing. 

Jun 2015


Psalms 37:4

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.
God's not a genuine.  He's not a manipulator that stands over us saying, "if you do THIS I will do THAT."  Take a listen to today's podcast to hear the beautiful promise wrapped up in this verse and how we often make God out to be something He is not.
He's a good, good, Father.
Jun 2015

Clueless - Soul ties

A soul tie is tie that is created when we go to anyone or thing for something we should be getting from God.

Things that keep us bound to memories, people and places aren't always as obvious as we believe.
 For years now I have nearly almost every night had a dream from some male from my past.  It never seemed to matter if they were someone I had a relationship with or just a casual friend from elementary school, at some point they surfaced in my dream.  This left me constantly perplexed and frustrated.  Just to be honest...the only man I want to be dreaming about is my husband, but no matter how much I hoped and prayed my dreams remained constant with Ryan being nearly void from every one of them.
A friend started talking to me about soul ties.  I THOUGHT I understood what soul ties were.  I thought I understood how to break them off.  It wasn't until I had severed every tie, that my dreams shifted completely and I moved from a position of constant frustration to a place of power.  
So if your having a hard time with past memories, relationships, dreams, even someone bringing up someones name.  If you struggle with a role model that hurt you or even a friend you were close with at one time, I hope you will take the time to listen to today's podcast and find additional resolve to your already gifted freedom.
Be brave.